Thinker_M.jpgVision…there is more power in that word than most will ever see (pun intended). Our first images of what we want to have, be. and do are usually rather clear.  What happens next is the interference factors (the I.F.s) which we can also call the Decepticons.

These little devils blur our vision to the point where it sometimes changes altogether or disappears as distant thoughts in the back of the closet of our psyche like old toys. Most of the time those who release the decepticons mean well.  Well-meaning parents, friends, co-workers, spouses, and whomever else will give us the ifs, buts, whys, and hows of OUR vision.  Then we begin to question it…That is where the blurring occurs. So this is what you want to do.  Write your vision for your life.  write it down. Get it on paper.  Make it plain.  Put it somewhere in sight so that you can review it when you get off track (because you will).  It will serve as your roadmap or the king’s letter to approach the throne.  Don’t think just holding it in your head will be enough.  Your mind will play tricks on you with the help of the decepticons  with ammunition like if you fail…you can’t-do that…what makes you think that you…you’re too old…you’re too young…you don’t have the time…you don’t have the money…and the list can go into eternity.The decepticons will do whatever they have to do through whomever to keep you where you are.  Refer back to your roadmap, your invitation to greatness.  Your vision is just that – your VISION.  Nobody can see it like you until you bring it to pass and make them all believers.  That’s how it’s always been done.  What are you waiting for?  Pick up the pen …

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