Anticipating Revelution

Jahni The Artist“Time For A  Revolution”, This Time Around The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, and then there’s that apocalyptic Book of Revelation that so many preachers avoid….What about a REVELUTION?  We’ve been talking about the other two for so long that they’ve become background noise in a movie you’ve seen over and over again…in fact you don’t even like it but you look at it just because there’s nothing else to watch. Go back and find that something you felt at one with before everybody else came along and told you what you were. Before the classroom conformed you, before the religion scared it out of yo or so far up in you that you forgot it’s name, before you lost yourself in the crowd of footsteps and voices. Before any revolution there has to be a revelation…You have to know what is broken before you can fix it, what is lost before you can consciously look for it.  The change that we all wish, look, and pray for begins inside – this is the revolution. Sometimes in order for some thing to live, something has to die.  This is not a tragedy but a spin in the continuum of life.  Death is often the precedent of birth, loss is sometimes the initiator of discovery.  By death, I am not necessarily speaking of a loss of life although that does happen in the case of many of our martyred liberators.  They gave their lives for life.  On this Monday look inside to  see the vision for your future, your legacy.  In fact join me every Monday for this bloG and speak you peace, your piece.  Let’s write the Book of Revelation and open the Book of Life…

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