Never Underestimate The Power of Vision

KimekoNo matter the circumstance or situation, there is a way beyond it: a solution or victory bigger than the perceived obstacle.  That victory  has more to do with what’s inside of us than what is present outside of us.  So often we pin  our focus on the barrier, the back end of the donkey.  The more attention we give a barrier or obstacle, the bigger it gets.

Soon the task to get beyond looms so big that we lose faith and either don’t try at all or try with the idea of defeat or failure tap dancing in the back of our heads.  This faulty thought process robs us of our faith fuel, much in the same way that old oil or lack of oil keeps a car from its full performance potential.  Clear it out, change it, hit the gas, and move forward in life on that dream, goal, or healing process. (excerpt from The Rabbit Story by John The Moore)

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