On Waking Up…

“For those who watch our children
drift out to the hungry white waves of life depths,
while you cling to the pews in the ark
of safety singing Give me Jesus.

…And for the life that seeks to live in all of us…

And for those who will have to close their eyes in order for us to see.”

(excerpt from Johnny Wuz: An American Tragedy)

My present anthem is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.  It’s one of those songs that just grabs my soul and dances to the tune of life’s opening credits. And my favorite line is “I’m waking up/I feel it in my bones/enough to make my my systems blow/welcome to the new age.” SO full of maning for ME…Now before you tune out because of the title new age, walk with me for a minute and I’ll walk you back home.I’m not sure what the band members meant when they wrote those lyrics.  However, I know what it says to me.  Waking up is essential to life and even more essential to abundant life.  The “new age” is the new day following the awakening process.  A new way of seeing, doing, and being.  The awakening process is ongoing but remember it’s easy in this system to fall back asleep again.  Weeks ago following the GZ verdict, outbreaks of protests and anger reverberated across the continent.  I got emails and face book posts that all  but threatened me if I didn’t join in some rally or protest on behalf of Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately Young Trayvon fell right in a long lineup of others who’ve met that fate.  Wake up” How long have we been protesting, rallying, marching and such…too long.  Dr. John Henrik Clark said it best as “We’ve gotten all the mileage we are going to get out of Marching.”  For those who choose to do that, please go right ahead.  That is your right but stay awake instead of going back to work on Monday morning for the same system that either supports or turns a blind eye to such racist crimes. In this post I am honoring  Trayvon, countless others of all races and young George Junius Stinney.  Please look him up and I pray that it will shake you a little. Enough to find your life’s calling which is the very thing that will bring justice and balance.  This thing of injustice is not new but will continue as long as we allow it.  Time to stop being reactive and begin to be proactive. How many will have to close their eyes in order for us to see?

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