The power of the photograph to take the image of life beyond the grave, to give us something to hold onto when that which we hold the image of, no longer walks in the presence of all. The photographer then, must be a scientist of sorts, not a creator or resurrector, but an immortalizer.

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    1. Yes you feel because you have not been distracted from feeling. It’s been said that spirit and magic is simply science that cannot yet be explained or quantified. Most people will only believe what they see with their own two eyes or the limited scope of their accepted knowledge. There is something that we know that most do not know they know. It is rarely spoken, more often felt. It is easy to delegate it to some god figure they have planted in outer space. Keep the portal open…there is so much more in inner space. The wonder is real doll. How wonderful it is. We are all connected…

      1. I think that what I find so interesting about these photographs is that unlike Barthes’ Winter Garden photograph that only had punctum for him, these images move me, without me knowing the emotional implications behind them. I agree with magic and science being two different ways of explaining the same experiences.

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