What is Art

Jahni The ArtistWhat is art? Art is something that is as alive as the person who manifests it. In doing what I do I deal with many aspects of myself which include the influence of everything around me in some form or fashion. The poet John Dunne said it best in that “no man is an island” line. What we see in art is in society and life. Art is the revelation; a symbolic show of what may otherwise go hidden. In its power it can heal or destroy, all depending on how it’s used.

What is your Medium? My medium is primarily acrylic paint slung on canvas or wall and charcoal pressed into the paper but the enabling factor itself is creative passion because if those things were taken from me I’d still create in some way. It’s in me to do, just as the cricket chirps or the lion roars. Over and beyond all, art is not so much as that which we put on canvas, paper, film, or stage as it is that which we etch on the minds of those we influence.

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